Signs of Fitness or What I Can Do Now I Couldn’t Do Six Months Ago

It’s known that I try to CrossFit. The reality is that as an amateur doing it by myself (mostly) it’s a hard thing to really get that far with simply because it really helpts to have someone there with you for motivation and an assist finishing the well neigh endless sets of pullups.All that said, there’s still one thing I know for sure I couldn’t do six months or even six weeks ago: sets of ten ring dips. The other is a full CrossFit warm-up without having to break up the sets of pullups.

The biggest thing I’ve learned in this whole process of working out and trying to get fit (other than pain is a friend and I get funny looks whenever I bring by rings to the gym) is that progress is real. Slow, at times, but real. That, by the way, is awesome.


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