Whose Truth?

There’s a really simple reason why I don’t believe in a revealed religion, and it’s a question: Whose truth do I believe?Let’s take a simple example: Catholic versus Lutheran. Okay, most of it’s the same but some of it’s different. They can both hold up the same Bible (and let’s ignore problems associated with different translations of the same book) and disagree about what the same words mean. So who do I believe? Some say God will speak to me if I’m devout enough, but given the human race’s abilities vis-a-vis self-delusion, I would always have to wonder if I’m believing the wrong thing because I like it better. My preferences don’t change the Truth.

Truth is not a popularity contest, so asking which religion has the most adherents won’t work.

Truth about God isn’t really the purview of science, so there goes cosmology.

So if the problem is bad for two of the closest religions on earth theologically, how in the world am I going to address the question of should I be a Christian or a Muslim? It’s a problem because I can’t ever know the Truth, just think that I do.

Consequently I have chosen to stay out of the business of believing in a revealed religion, because since people are involved in an area where there’s no way to definitively what is and is not true (or even accurate enough to put men on the moon), anything I chose to believe is sure to be wrong.


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